Data Fidelity & Aggregation


Simplify, automate, and streamline data-gathering and fidelity processes through proprietary modeling to provide single-pane data and maintenance task classification corrections.


Component Level Coding


Log Pages Corrected


More Effective vs Legacy Coding

Putting the Power of Data Back in Your Hands

Unify maintenance, aircraft and operational data into a single pane.

Bolster reliability programs with deeper log page visibilty.

Machine learning, statistical, rule-based modeling to correct maintenance logs down to the component level.

Utilize data via the Aermetric Maintenance Platform, or feed it back into any system.

Automated, real-time data fidelity.

Decrease manual resource drain.

frequently asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please email us:

How deep are log page corrections?

We have the ability to correct log pages down to the component level (ATA6) however we understand that each operator values different levels of log page coding (ATA2, ATA3, ATA4).  We accommodate the unique needs of aircraft operators in order to provide a solution that works.

What portion of the log pages are corrected?

We can correct log page defect, corrective action, and/or final fix.

How quickly can log page data be corrected?

Our data fidelity models run in seconds.  Whether an operator requests streaming or monthly corrections, we are able to accommodate everyone's needs.

Can Aermetric Data Fidelity & Aggregation be used separate from the rest of the platform?

Yes, we can offer our aggregation & data fidelity as a standalone service.

Does Aermetric conduct data fidelity proof of concepts?

Yes!  Please contact us for more information.

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