USAF AETC Proof Of Concept Success


Apr 6, 0202

USAF AETC Proof of Concept Success

Randolph AFB, San Antonio, TX:  In March of 2020, the Aermetric team was tasked with ingesting and analyzing 870,000 log pages in order to prove out Aermetric Maintenance Platform (AMP) viability within the USAF operating environment. In just under three weeks, Aermetric optimized its data fidelity and chronic flagging modules and deployed its proprietary analytics against the 19th AF training fleet, to prove that AMP can vastly decrease spend, increase sorties, and improve mission-readiness.

AMP Chronic Alerting (Repeat Maintenance Flagging)


Automatically flags chronic system and component failures by analyzing maintenance data, alerts to repeat maintenance and enables component level tracking.

  • Enhance visibility and effectiveness 
  • Preserve maintenance hours, decrease CPFH
  • Increase sorties, decrease air aborts
Proof of Concept Results

Annual Labor Hours Preserved: 14,120

Annual Sorties Added: 5,525 (+5%)

Cost Per Flying Hour Decrease: 7.2%

AMP Data Fidelity & Aggregation


AMP data fidelity simplifies, automates, and streamlines data-gathering and fidelity processes to provide single-plane data and maintenance task classification corrections

  • Corrects maintenance logs down to component level
  • Decrease manual resource drain
  • Bolsters reliability programs with deeper visibility
Proof of Concept Results

Task Codes Corrected: 758,041/871,130

Miscoded DoD ATAs (after DIT): <50%  

DoD ATA Resolved (Aermetric): 87%

Duplicate Maintenance Tasks Resolved: 54,556

The applications of AMP technology for the USAF are far reaching, and can be applied to any fleet type rapidly. We look forward to furthering this work with AETC and to engaging with other MAJ COMMS as we strive to empower airmen with these much-needed tools as quickly as possible.

Dec 23, 2020

Alaska Air Group to Pilot Aermetric Maintenance Platform

Alaska will test Aermetric Chronic and Predictive Capabilities

Aug 8, 2020

Major General Stephen Sargeant (USAF Ret.) Joins Aermetric

We are thrilled to welcome Major General Stephen Sargeant, USAF (Ret.), to the Aermetric Advisory Board!

Mar 3, 2020

United States Air Force To Test Aermetric Capabilities

USAF AETC will test Aermetric Data Fidelity and Chronic flagging capabilities.

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