USAF Awards Aermetric Phase I Contract for Data Fidelity


Apr 9, 2021

AFWERX, SBIR, USAF Back Aermetric with Phase I Contract for Data Fidelity

San Diego, CA: We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a Phase I contract through AFWERX/SBIR. We look forward to using this Phase I award to engage with empowered aircraft operators throughout the Department of Defense, to Aermetric Maintenance Platform's (AMP) next level capabilities to warfighters as rapidly as possible.

About the Data Fidelity Program:

Air base data is often flawed because mechanics are rushed and use slang and abbreviations when logging maintenance actions, which lead to errors in ~60% of Air Force Maintenance Data Logs. The DoD only corrects logs down to the system level, and much of the process is manual and time intensive. This leads to errors and incorrect aircraft system fixes, which costs lives and money and decreases mission readiness. Incorrect coding of maintenance data leads to millions of dollars in unnecessary spend and a reduction of aircraft sorties and mission readiness. The current DoD data fidelity processes are either non-existent or entirely manual; automating data fidelity will greatly streamline all Air Force maintenance processes. The USAF requires more rapid, automated data processing supported by machine learning and big-data analytics to improve data integrity to support better maintenance intel.

Dec 23, 2020

Alaska Air Group to Pilot Aermetric Maintenance Platform

Alaska will test Aermetric Chronic and Predictive Capabilities

Apr 6, 0202

USAF AETC Proof Of Concept Success

Aermetric Corrected 87% of WUC, Lowered CPFH by 7%, Increased Sorties 5%

Apr 9, 2021

USAF Awards Aermetric Phase I Contract for Chronic Alerting

AFWERX, SBIR, USAF Award Aermetric Phase I Contract for Chronic Program

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