Chronic Module


Autonomously flag aircraft faults and chronic-trending systems down to the component level in real-time to preserve crucial maintenance hours.


More Effective vs Legacy System


Days Sooner Flagging vs Legacy System


Maintenance Actions Preserved


Comprehensive fleet health information and statistics.

Component tracking, rogue component identification, repeat removal and shop analysis.

Couple aircraft faults with maintenance logs to provide deeper insight into chronic events.

Tracks the full lifecycle of a fault from predictive through chronic and beyond.

Chronic models tailored to each unique operator.

Interact directly with the operator maintenance information system through Aermetric's user interface.

frequently asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please email us:

Can an operator change their chronic properties?

Absolutely.  We understand that each operator has their own chronic definitions, operational goals, and maintenance practices. Chronic properties such as: day/flight interval, priority, fleet/aircraft effectiveness, can all be modified directly from the Aermetric platform by the user.

What makes Aermetric chronic processes different from legacy solutions?

Aermetric's models are fine-tuned to each operator's fleets in order to ensure proper component relations and autonomously flag repetitive maintenance actions.  Additionally we utilize aircraft data to supplement maintenance information during the chronic generation process.

Can the Aermetric Chronic Module be integrated with other airline tools?

Yes, the Aermetric Maintenance Platfrom was built so that it could collaborate with current operational tools if requested.

Does Aermetric conduct a chronic proof of concept?

Yes!  Please contact us for more information.

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